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Children learn through internal drives, which are enhanced through a positive learning environment. It is important that all teachers recognize their roles as motivators and planners working to create an environment which will enhance the needs of the whole child. This optimum learning experience is most effective when the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs of the child are met.

At Cherie’s Garden Child Care and Learning Center we strive to provide an atmosphere of learning in which the needs of the whole child are met. This environment will be highly interactive within a home-like setting. Through these natural interactions children will become problem solvers as well as independent learners.

​Our goal is to provide an atmosphere in which your children are especially cared for. This environment will have characteristics of a home such as comfort and stability within an educationally stimulating setting.
:This enriched environment will:

Develop your child’s self worth

Develop each child’s communication skills

Encourage thinking skills and creativity

Develop each child’s problem solving skills

Help each child learn to handle their emotions and to be considerate of other’s feelings

Build each child’s self help skills, pre-academic skills, and knowledge of health and safety

Enhance each child’s love of learning

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Before and After School

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