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:The daily program offers a balance of the following:

Active Play and/or Quiet Play

Large Group, Small Groups, and/or Solitary Play

Indoor, or Outdoor Play

Self-motivated, or Teacher directed activities

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:Regular activities include:

Story time/Language development

Math & Science

Art & Music

Multicultural Learning


Free playtime consisting of:​

Construction with Block

Home-living * Dramatic Play * Dress-up

Sand & Water Sensory

Language * Book Corner

Science * Math * Art

Creative Expression

Basic routines and transition times; such as arrival and departure, rest time, snacks and lunch,
and self-help skills.

Every week Tumblebear Gymnastics visits Cherie's Garden to physically enrich your child.

See your locations director for enrollment.

St John: Tuesday at 8:30 | Crete: Monday at 8:30

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